Daniel Robert Cartmill

July 15, 2020

Danny (Daniel Robert Cartmill II) was eager to come into this world. He began his life on a fast track, a 45-minute delivery. He was born on July 10, 1961 to Daniel Robert Cartmill and Marjorie Louise Knox Cartmill in Bethesda, Maryland.

Danny grew up in Anthony, Kansas. He had many adventures, as the many stories we have been told. He had a gleam in his blue eyes that revealed to everyone that he liked to turn a little fun into a lot of mischievous activities with skill and courage. His passion was Nature. He loved to spend time hunting fishing, farming, riding motorcycles, and any outside activity. Danny felt closer to God through these adventures with Nature. He loved to go to Colorado and explore the mountain beauty and enjoy the mountain hunting. He shared these adventures with Margaret Locarnini and Clara Reida, from Westcliff, Colorado. He was lucky and proud to call them both “Mom”. The visits to Colorado would never have been the same without the visits with “the golden sister”, Melanie Camper Fall.

Danny’s sister, Patty, set him up on a blind date, July 3, 1986. The date was with Cindy Nusz Cartmill. When he left her on the porch that night, he said he was going to marry her. He did, March 7th,1987. Cindy could have rung his neck, many a time. Oh, how she loved him. She flapped behind him on the motorcycle. She hunted with him. She helped break the ice for the cattle, during the winter. She checked on the birthing of the calves. Only a woman who loves her man, would do all of that.

Danny and Cindy were blessed with two wonderful children, Molly Gean Cartmill Tebow and Daniel Robert Cartmill III. They could not be prouder of them.Danny had two beautiful sisters: Patty Aldrich and Cindy Saufferer. He teased his sisters and went on many adventures with them, as they grew up. They were life long friends. Danny was a Lucky brother, even into adulthood as their love was strong for one another.

Danny worked at OneOk Oil and Gas, Medford, Oklahoma. He was a Supervisor Pipeline Mechanic and was not afraid of hard work. He always spoke with what was on his mind. He was one that believed that you should speak the truth, work hard everyday and give it your all. Danny was a man of Word. He believed your word was apart of your character. Danny was the proudest Oneok employee, as he was presented with a prestigious award, given to only few recipients. The “Larry Brummett Courage Award” was received by Danny with appreciation. He also was a part of the OneOk fire brigade.

He was a miracle to have beaten Pancreatic cancer, but the cure took a toll on his body. Danny lived a full 59 years and entered heaven on July 12, 2020.
He was proud to say he had more than two kids. He loved his children’s spouses. He always told them they were his favorite. He was happy to have Blake Tebow and Ashley Landreth Cartmill added to his family.

Danny’s biggest pride was his grandchildren. He would put that gleam back into his blue eyes and tease Stetson Raines Tebow and Stella Gene Tebow. They both learned some very bad habits from their grandpa. They learned how to make snorting sounds and how to act in mischievous ways. They both learned to love Nature and enjoyed the outdoors. How they both loved their “papi”.

Danny is preceded in death by his father Daniel Robert Cartmill Sr.

In Lieu of flowers please support St Mary’s Regional Hospital, volunteer Services. (Enid, Oklahoma)

Celebration of Life is July 18, 2020 (Saturday) at 6:30 P. M. at The Cartmill Farm, Medford, Oklahoma.

Prairie Rose Funeral Home, 602 E. Main St., Anthony, KS 67003. www.prairierosefuneralhomes.com