Opinion: Masks are oppression; COVID-19 a hoax?

by Charles Gerian

My Monday started like any other. I woke up, drank my Rockstar Lemonade Energy Drink, and headed to Walmar(t) to browse t(h)eir scented wax collect(i)on to find (s)ome playful new scents to fill my room with the smell of ScentSationals “Boardwalk” flavor wh(i)ch offered “salty breeze and (s)unset sky”.

I approached the door and there was a woman with a mask on. She raised her hand for me to stop, and informed me of Walmart's new policy...all guest(s) must wear masks. I told her to shove it, (a)nd tha(t) wear(i)ng a mask was a violation of my pe(r)sonal rights granted to m(e) by a little thing called “The Pledge of Allegiance”.

“Look it up, sweaty,” I told her off, and kept walking. No one was going to MAKE me wear a mask. She stopped me again, and threatened to call the cops. I couldn't believe it. With tears in my eyes, my freedom stripped from me...I put on a mask.I knelt down. I gave in. I coughed on my suffocating breath, I wheezed as the heat inside the store got to me, I couldn't see anything on the shelves...finally, I got what I needed and I literally cried as I made my way outside, stripping that muzzle off and breathing in the fresh air. I then promised I would NEVER return to Walmart again.

As a “visually impaired respectful gentleman in need” or V.I.R.G.I.N as the government classifies us, people like me are especially at risk for fogging glasses, which can be dangerous. More dangerous that some fake disease like the coronavirus.

Fogging glasses are real. Suffocating inside your mask like some cow going through the meat assembly line at the meat plant for meat cows...just being lead to the slaughter...that's real. But COVID-19?

I saw a post on Facebook recently that was apparently taken down SEVERAL times before, detailing the nefarious true origins of the Coronavirus. This “disease”, a planned pandemic, was orchestrated by the globalist elite pizzagate pedophile-liberal-satanist cult-Clinton-Epstein-Maxwells of the world in order to make us SUBMIT.

To force us into switching to an ALL-DIGITAL currency because now apparently money spreads GERMS? Yeah okay. If money is clean enough to be used in bathrooms and adult clubs, why now is it so “infectious”?

Now I've read some theories...some sound ones, some dumb ones...but bear with me. Lets say the Coronavirus was created as a distraction by President Trump to arrest Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, and the other high ranking elite pedophile pizzagate satanist “Hollywood Bigwigs”.

I could believe that. But what if the Coronavirus was made by the high ranking elite pedophile pizzagate satanists to keep everyone home so they could harvest the souls of children to sell their bodies through furniture online?

Both scenarios are real enough. Terrifying enough. A friend of mine's friend told my friend that they went to a clinic to get tested for work for COVID-19 and sat around for almost THREE HOURS before getting annoyed and going home...never even got tested, but guess what? They got results in the mail just days later telling them they were POSITIVE!!! WAKE UP, PEOPLE. THIS IS NOT REAL...or if it is, it's def not what we think it is...

...for a disease that's barley more than a common cold, and they want to put a “vaccine tracking chip” in us funded by George Soros and Bill Gates to keep track of us at all times? For this “coronavirus”, now we need to cover our faces in public and act like slaves?! Sit where THEY want, stand where THEY want. Use apps THEY want?!

Now it's here. Mandatory masks. What's next, mandatory shoes? Mandatory shirts? Mandatory deodorant? I should be able to go into Walmart with my girlfriend wearing our Cookie Monster slippers, pajama pants and not worry about some fake news health scare or being “forced” to wear a mask.

Stay woke out there.