BACK TO SCHOOL: Supply List for Pre-K through 8th grade!

July 29, 2020

Blackwell students will head back to school on August 19. The following is a list of school supplies that students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade in Blackwell will need for the upcoming academic year.

Four-Year Old Kindergarten (4K/Pre-K)

Four- 24 count CRAYOLA crayons, one Tri-fold nap mat, two containers PLAY-DOH(girls only), one large glue stick, two plastic folders with pockets and no brads, one full size backpack, one 10 oz. GERM-X hand sanitizers, one roll of paper towels, one large box Kleenex, one 35 count Clorox antibacterial wipes, one box Ziplock gallon size bags, one box Ziplock quart size bags, one package of white cardstock, one 10 count washable CRAYOLA classic thick markers, one box sidewalk chalk(boys only).


Four 24-count Crayola crayons, One box 8-count CRAYOLA crayons, one sharp 5” Fiskars scissors, one washable Crayola thick classic markers 10-count, four black Expo dry erase marker (Fine tip), one box Ziplock Baggies Last name A -L (gallon size) Last name M- Z (quart size), three large glue sticks (no small), one pocket folders with fasteners/solid colors only, no plastic), one plastic pocket folder (for dai­ly papers), one backpack, one con­tainer Clorox wipes, one box colored pencils, one hand sanitizer, pink erasers


First Grade

One boxes 24-count #2 pencils, two boxes 24-count Crayola crayons, two four-packs Expo white board marker, two sets of eight classic washable Crayola thick markers, one eight-count Prang washable watercolor paint set, two boxes of Kleenex tis­sues, four large glue sticks, six two-pocket with center brads folders (plastic preferred) (one each red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple), one 5” Fiskars sharp scissors for older children, one small plastic school box, one 10oz. bottle Germ-x (Boys Only), one Ziplock gallon bags (Girls Only), one back pack (no wheels or duffle bags)., one zippered pencil pouch with binder holes, Donation of two reams of 30# white copier paper will be accepted. Don’t put names on school supplies until checked in by the teacher.

Second Grade

One 8-count washable Crayola thick classic markers, Expo wide tip white board markers, four large or twelve small El­mer’s glue sticks, one colored pencils (Twistables preferred), two boxes of Kleenex, one composi­tion notebook, one heavy duty pocket folder, one ream white copy paper, one box of 12 Ticonderoga pencils, one yellow highlighter, one primary composition notebook, one pair 5” Fiskar pointed scissors, one large zippered pencil bag, one Clorox wipes (boys only), one Germ-X or hand wipes and individual headphones, one package gallon size Ziplock bags (girls only), two boxes 24-count Crayola crayons.

Third Grade

Two package 12-count number two pencils, one box Kleenex, one package Clorox wipes(boys only), one box Crayols Twistable colored pencils, one wide ruled composition journal, five plastic folders with brads and pockets (yellow, red, green, blue & black), two packag­es black expo markers two per package, one hand sanitizer (girls only), one 2” Case It Dual - 121 - A Dual Binder 2 in 1 Zipper Binder, and one set of ear buds.
Fourth Grade

One box of Kleenex, one Clorox 35-count wipes (not for skin), one large glue stick, four two-pocket folders without clasps, one back pack (no wheels or duffle bags), one ream of 30# white copier paper, one 2” Case It The Mighty Zip Tab 3-Ring Zipper Binder, personal earbuds, one 24-count Crayola crayons, one 24-count #2 pencils, one hand sanitizer, one 5” Fiskar scissors for older children, one pink eraser and one small plastic school box.

Fifth Grade

One 7” 12-count Crayola pre-sharpened colored pencils, two medium red ink pens, one box­ Kleenex, four 70-page wide ruled spiral notebook, four plastic two-pocket folders, one pink eraser (no gum erasers), one back pack, two 4 packs Expo white board markers, two packages of wide lined notebook paper, one ream of 30# white copy paper, one plastic index card holder, one 3” three ring Zippered binder, one three ring pencil pouch, one highlighter, two glue sticks, one package colored Sharpies, one bottle Elmer’s glue, one set of personal earbuds and #2 pencils.

Sixth Grade

One 3-ring hardback binder, dividers, college ruled loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil pouch, pencils, hand-held pencil sharpener, highlighter- variety of colors, Crayola brand colored pencils, erasers, earbuds, red pen and mouse to be used with Chromebooks. Advisory: two reams of copy paper, three boxes of Kleenex, one large container disinfecting wipes (boys only), one additional ream copy paper (girls only). Math: one composition book, one green poly pocket folder. Lan­guage Arts: one purple basic pocket folder, one yellow basic pocket folder. Science: one orange pocket folder, Crayola magic markers, Crayola crayons and one Elmer’s PURPLE glue stick, composition notebook. Social Studies: one red basic pocket folder. Ad­ditional supplies may need to be purchased for elective classes.

Seventh Grade

College ruled loose leaf notebook paper (NO SPIRALS), pencil pouch, pencils (wooden or mechanical), red pens, erasers, highlighters (variety pack), colored pencils, one 3-ring hardback binder, dividers, one set earbuds and mouse to be used with Chromebook. Advisory, two reams of copy paper, three boxes Kleenex, one large disinfecting wipes (Boys Only), one additional ream copy paper (Girls Only). Math students will need one green poly pocket folder. Language Arts students will need one purple basic pocket folder and one composition notebook. Science students will need one orange basic pocket folders, one college ruled composition notebook and one package colored pencils. Geography students will need on one basic red pocket folder (no brads), Additional school sup­plies may need to be purchased for elective classes. Teachers may require other materiels and some supplies may need to be restocked throughout the year.

Eighth Grade

Basic supplies include, loose-leaf notebook paper, pencils (wood or mechanical), erasers, pencil pouch, 2” hardback three-ring binder, TI- 30XS Multi-view calculator, highlighters in several colors, red pens, earbuds, mouse for use with Chromebook and colored pencils. Advisory students will need three boxes of Kleenex, two reams of copy paper, hand sanitizer, one package 24 pencils, one additional ream of copy paper (Girls Only), three pack Great Value disinfectant wipes (Boys Only).

History students will need one red heavy duty three hole punch two pocket folder and one package 3 x 5 index cards. Language Arts students will need one purple heavy duty three hole punch two pocket folder and one package Crayola markers or colored pencils. Math students will need one green heavy duty three hole punch two pocket folder, 1.5” 3-ring binder to leave in classroom, one package dividers, one ream copy paper.

Science students will need two orange heavy duty three hole punch two pocket folders and one ream copy paper and one package 3x5 index cards. Gateway students will need one com­position notebook. Life Man­agement students will need a 70-page spiral notebook, one package notebook paper, one pocket folder, one ream copy paper and one package 4x6 index cards. . Spanish I students will need a folder or binder of student’s choice one book cover any color.