Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Thankful for the little things

by Dayle McGaha

Looking Back – Thinking Forward

DAYLE-VERB: It takes a great friend to give good advice, but it takes an even greater friend to accept the advice graciously and act upon it in a timely matter.

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NOTABLE QUOTE: “If you don’t get better, you get worse.” (Lawrence Welk)

THOUGHT PROVOKER: Be Thankful for all the little things you have accomplished. You do have some gifts, talents and abilities.

FAMOUS FACT: Failure is maybe one of God’s shock treatments.

PROBERBS 4(10) – Hold on to instruction, do not let it go, guard it well, for it is your life.

POLITICAL POINT: “Sometimes when man does not have to risk their lives for it, this freedom will seem an easy thing.” George Washington

DAYLE-VERB #2: Bad political decisions could easily affect many of our lifetime directions.

FAMOUS FINDINGS: Three qualities are vital to success: Toil, Solitude, and prayer.

BOOSTING BLACKWELL: It is good to hear of some new businesses in our fair city. I will say it again, we need to support all our local firms. Their success is our success too.

DOUBLE DIVIDENDS: Folks, let us get serious about our desire to be more aware of some special needs in our city and near by communities. With six months of worry, concern and unwanted changes, there is sure to be some friends in need of a good friendly visit. Call on some this week. You will be blessed?

COLUMN CLOSER: “Some people just never get it do they? They can not keep ignoring major problems involving anti-American principles and not suffer serious consequences? Will the serious leaders ever call an ace and ace, etc. Folks, this may well be the most serious election in modern history. We need a lot more people praying for our country. Let us keep on encouraging one another.

P.S. The Blackwell J-T is still your vital, local media that really cares for you.