Looking Back- Thinking Forward: ASAP Always Stop and Pray

by Dayle McGaHa

Looking Back – Thinking Forward

OPENING STATEMENT: “those who judge don’t matter – Those who matter don’t Judge”. I’m not sure who coined that little phrase, but it may relate to some of the troubled times we have been witnessing this year. Read on:

This might be a good time to say “Thank you sincerely” to the many fine folks who have tried to make our lives easier during this horrid pandemic! You know who they are, so make an extra effort to tell them thanks.

PROVERBS 13-17: A wicked messenger falls into adversity, but a faithful envoy brings healing.

DAYLE-VERB: One of the best ways to show respect to someone is to listen to them and ask then to clarify if necessary. It can be a real learning experience.

PASTORS’S POINT: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition, rather in humility, value others above yourself.

NOTABLE QUOTE: Optimism is the faither that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. (Helen Keller)

CURIOUS QUESTION: Could we ever see a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Surely not in America?? Be diligent and take nothing for granted. Seek out the truth and the rule of law!

HEALTHY HINT: This IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO LET DOWN OUR GUARD! We could be seeing a dangerous rise in the COVID-19 crisis. Make sure you are following the good advise and warnings. It is the correct thing to do – tell your family and friends to be a hero and set a good example. Remember to “A.S.A.P.” (Always Stop and Pray).

COLUMN COMMENTS: I am going to borrow some of Pastor Daniel Rickman’s letter to his Methodist congregation. He says “It is okay to feel fear, but it is necessary to meet that fear with faith and hope. Faith means being faithful and true to his laws and commandments even when fear would drive of to do otherwise. Another Christian antidote to fear and grief is hope that God will keep his promise and will redeem us from all death and evil.”

P.S. Don’t forget to check on the sick, elderly or live alones.