What YOU need to know about Blackwell's Ambulance Subscription Service

by Charles Gerian

The City of Blackwell released information last week detailing the Fire and EMS subscription services.

Beginning January 1, 2021, Blackwell utility customers will begin seeing a monthly subscription fee added to their utility billing, for Ambulance services. Those living within the Blackwell EMS Response District may be included in this subscription service by simply completing an enrollment form. This subscription service includes all members of the household.

The cost for residents living within city limits is $5/per month. For anyone living within the EMS Response District the total amount is $60/annually for the coverage period, and is payable in full at the time of sign up. The subscription program runs from January 1- December 31, annually.

The City of Blackwell's fire district extends up to Dry Road and out to T Street, down to Prospect Ave and over to 156th Street.

The City of Blackwell's EMS district extends up to the Kansas-Oklahoma state line out to T Street, down to Prospect Ave, and over to S. 156th.

The fire subscription service will also be $60 a year and can be bundled with the EMS subscription for an annual fee of $120 dollars.

By subscribing to this service, in the event that emergency ambulance service is provided, the subscriber will not be required to pay any amount owing after insurance has paid their portion of the Ambulance bill.

If a resident does not want to subscribe to the program, they can complete the opt out form in December of each year. Those who wish to opt out, must do so during this month, prior to close of business on December 31, 2020.

By completing and signing the opt out , the resident is stating that they do not want to be a subscriber to our Ambulance Subscription Service. This means that in the event that emergency ambulance service is provided, the customer will be required to pay the Ambulance bill in full.

Opt out is only available to those within city limits. Those interested may find these forms on the City of Blackwell's website under “Fire Department”.

For more information please call Utility Customer Service at 580-363-7200.