Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Stay positive against COVID-19

by Dayle McGaha

OPENING STATEMENT: It seems like “COVID-19” has done a bad number on many thousands of our folks in America and the world! This should be a good time for us to look back and remember the good times we’ve had in earlier years.

And then, Thank God for their continual advise and friendship. Above all things, we must not lose faith and hope for a better future. We must keep speaking positive words of encouragement. Also, we must remain open minded and practice safety measures daily to win the war against COVID-19. PROVERBS 16-20:

“He who gives attention to the word shall find good and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.”

DAYLE-VERB: There is always two sides to every question, maybe there ought to be a third if it is right.

NOTABLE QUOTE: “There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.” (John Adams 1801)

POSITIVE POINT: You find happiness the same way you find hope, but, giving it to someone else and borrow a little bit of it back.

SILLY SAYING: How do you lose weight? (By pushing yourself away from the table 3 times a day)

POLITICAL POINT: The trouble with some politicians today is the fact they take the floor only to hit the ceiling.

WISE WORDS: “He who is true to one friend is worthy of many.”

WISE WARNING: Study the strengths and weaknesses of any situation to take better advantage of every opportunity.

LOOKING BACK: At the peak of its operation, what Oklahoma firm maintained the world’s largest sink smelter? (Blackwell Zinc Company)

CLOSING COMMENT: This could be a sad Christmas for some of our friends and neighbors. Let us all do all that we can to help brighten this Christmas for others. I suggest you start now to make a list of all the ones you need to call, or perhaps go visit. Please remember yours may be the only call!