Christmas cold ones at D's on Doolin

by Charles Gerian

Christmas will be here in two days, and local liquor store owner Dayna Sheets said she is gearing up to top off a successful year for the liquor business.

D's Package Store, 432 West Doolin Ave., is ready to provide for everyone's Christmas needs, Sheets said.

“We've kept pretty busy with the whole pandemic,” Sheets said. “People are stuck at home. Bars were closed completely or had adjusted hours, so people came here to get what they wanted.”

Sheets said her store is always busy around the holidays, and this Christmas will be especially busy, she said.

“You would think that, because of the strain almost every individual and company is under now, that we'd get less gift-sets, but we've got more than I think we ever have,” she said. “They make perfect gifts for Dirty Santa or just to put under the tree at the last minute.”

Gift sets at D's include vodka, whiskey, tequila and more with various glasses and creative bottle designs.

Sheets said her various collections of moonshine were popular this year.

“Our peach and salted caramel moonshines are really popular, and of course the colder weather is always a season for schnapps,” she said. “Titos, Fireball ... those are all classics. People especially love whiskeys and Bailey's for their morning coffee on Christmas mornings.”

Sheets said airplane bottles are always good stocking stuffers.

“We want to stress, of course, that everyone stays safe during the holidays,” Sheets said. “Please drink responsibly, have a sober driver and stay home.