Southside Spirits readies for New Years

by Charles Gerian

Southside Spirits is, as much as anyone else in 2020, preparing for New Years 2021with a selection of vodkas, gins, whiskeys, and more.

“It's been a fantastic year for us,” said owner Ron Miller, who took over the shop in late 2019, marking this past fall as their one year anniversary, “we cannot thank our customers enough.”

According to Ron and wife Lesley, the Christmas Eve rush was their single most profitable day all year, and they just now managed to restock.

“It was crazy, we had people coming in here all day and night!” Ron smiled.

Southside Spirits will be open New Years Eve until 11:30 p.m and will reopen on New Years Day for those that want to keep the party going. They will also be giving out 100 loyalty cards on New Years Eve.

Miller noted that winter was “liquor season” and beer, obviously, sold better in the summer.

“Hot items around holidays like Christmas are of course our gift sets, and on New Years everyone comes rushing in for the sparkling wine, champagne, and all that so they can pop bottles at midnight.”

Southside Spirits offers frozen cocktail mixes, drink mixers like ginger ale and club soda as well as soda and Red Bull energy drinks, and more.

“Right now, I'd definitely recommend the Tin Cup Whiskey,” said Miller “it's incredibly smooth and taste great. Of course there's something for everyone in here, so we're very excited.”