Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Dayle dotes on Blackwell

by Dayle McGaha

Looking Back – Thinking Forward O P E N I N G STATEMENT:

Time Will Tell! A lot of things have happened in the past few weeks. Some of the national government decisions could affect our local economy as well as the nations. Sometimes, change is good… other times not so good. It will be interesting to watch our leaders and we had better watch them too!

PROVERBS 1-2: “To know wisdom and instruction, to discern the sayings of under-standing.”

DAYLE-VERB: The living and sharing with others is a gift that has no price limit. Share some time with a shut-in or an elderly friend this week.

PASTOR’S POINT: Our lives are not to be stored away, but to be used for purpose and good. (Lori Erasmus)

P R E S I D E N T I A L POINT: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (Abe Lincoln)

POSITIVE POINT: We can learn much from those who have encouraged us! Encour-age a friend today!!

NOTABLE QUOTE: “Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” (Peter Marshall)

FUNNY FACT: Joy is the feeling of grinning inside. TID-BIT: “One of these days” is none of these days.

GOOD NEIGHBOR NEWS: Several people, some from Ponca City, have told us how nice they were treated at the event center while getting the COVID vaccine shot. It was very well planned – jobs well done Blackwell!!

B O O S T I N G BLACKWELL: We may not be the biggest or best town, but we do have some of the nicest, most courteous managers and employees who truly care about you! Let’s not take any of them for granted in these trying times. And let’s shop locally as much as possible. P.S. Don’t forget to check on your older friends, the shut-in’s and those that live-alone. It can be a real blessing for those involved.

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