Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Facts, quotes, and more with Dayle

by Dayle McGaha

O P E N I N G S T A T E M E N T : With the shut-in time, that the COVID-19 issue caused, there has been some blessings to share with our readers. There have been several good stories of people helping people! Some of them in our neighborhood.

Read on: For starters, a young man from Kildare and our next-door neighbor made sure our cars were properly protected from the sub-zero temps. Still another young man showed up to make sure this old writer was delivered to the hospital for an x-ray and another couple of young men and a neighbor lady came to check on us. And then the young men trimmed our over-grown pecan tree and hauled off all the trimmings.

We want to thank each one of them for their concern. We are fortunate to live in a town with caring people! And while we are at it, folks, if you haven’t thanked the frontline workers, medical staff, and all the store managers who have been working for our safety, do so this week!

PROVERBS: 11:15: The generous man will be prosperous: and he who waters he himself will be watered!

DAYLE VERB: You can make these days the good ole days only if you stay firm with “Be kind to one another”.

FUNNY FACTS: If some facts are left out of the FACTS of LIFE, it could be really funny!

PASTOR’S POINT: If we don’t put into action the things we know we should do, how else can we change?” (Mike Dvorak)

NOTABLE QUOTE: If you can’t be kind, at least have the decency to be vague: (Barbara Johnson)

P R E S I D E N T I A L POINT: Our task is not to fix the blame for the past, but to fix the course for the future. John F. Kennedy.

COLUMN CLOSER: Stay the course! What a strange set of words for our readers these days! We must not let various problems of the world (or Blackwell) get us down! We must maintain our faith in trying times. We need to seek ways to help our friends who may be a little down these days. We need to continue to practice safety and not let down on the guidelines to defeat COVID-19. And always, be sure to check regularly on the elderly, live-alones and others in your neighborhood.

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