Mike's Musings: Spring is a time for rebirth- hard times lead to good things

by Mike Dvorak

Greetings Everyone,
     It appears that spring is here, or at least it is near. I heard a
weatherman say that March 1st is the meteorological time for spring to
begin. Schools are having spring break right now. The calendar says March
20th is when spring arrives.

When the early rains come, that signals the
onset of spring for gardeners and farmers. Your point of view determines
when your spring begins.
    Your point of view and opinions are also important to your outlook on

How you were raised, do your friends go to church, have you had
positive encounter with God? All of these experiences are important in
church-going experiences. The more positive your experiences, the more
likely you are to believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Some of
the things we endure in life are not good, but the hard times sometimes
lead us to meet our Lord. 

There are many things that can happen to us that determines the path
we take when it comes to religion, both positive and negative. Often, many
people will slow down, be quiet, and allow Jesus to come into their soul,
bringing comfort and peace to them. Other times, people become so mad at
the world, and God, that they want to fight everything and everyone.
way, it is an opportunity for a person to meet God and experience his
and his love for us.

As humans we tend to often do things the hard way. God loves us and
sent His son, Jesus to die on the cross so that through Him, we will
receive eternal salvation. Jesus died for each of us. Jesus rose from the
dead for each of us, but we sometimes don't want to accept the facts and
accept the gift of eternal life. If a person were not so "stubborn" or
filled with pride, accepting Jesus would be so much easier. Fortunately
loves us so much that He won't give up on us.

The Bible is filled with stories of how God deals with different
people and helps them to find their way to acceptance of the Truth. Think
about Jacob, Moses, David, Daniel, Simon Peter, Paul, and many others.
Their lives were different but the one thing that all shared was the love
they had for God and the love He had for each of them. Just like them, God
loves us and has a plan for each of us.

As you read this you may be thinking God wants noting to do with me
because I have done too many bad things. Believe it or not, God will
forgive all of the bad things we have done.

Those things are called sin.
When we admit we have sinned and ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus as
our Lord and Savior, all of our sins are forgiven. They will not be held
against us in the eyes of God. No one is so bad that Jesus can't or won't
give us eternal salvation if we ask Him. There has only been one perfect
person throughout the ages and that is Jesus Christ and it is through him
that our eternal salvation comes.

If you are still in doubt about how God can love sinners and use
those people to honor and glorify Him, break out your Bible and read it.
Look up Moses, David, and Paul. They are wonderful examples of how God can
transform people who had committed the worst sins into people who were
forgiven and became good examples for us. If you would like to talk about
Jesus and salvation, please give me or any other pastors a call. We are
here for you or anyone else to help you with your questions or problems

When does the season of spring start? It all depends. When does your
relationship with God begin? The moment you accept Jesus Christ as your
Lord and
Savior. If you are not a Christian, do it now. If you have accepted Jesus
as your Lord and Savior, live your life as a child of the Almighty. Honor
and glorify Him. 

Peace and Blessings.