Kay County OHCE Association meets; Food Show scheduled

April 14, 2021

The Kay County OHCE Association meeting was held at the Newkirk Public Library, joined by some members on Zoom, on Monday March 29th.

Members brought and displayed craft items they had made. Christina Collins, President call the meeting to order. Cindy Empting, Membership Chairman welcomed new members Kelly Bergman and Joni Beam. Gina Bowman, Secretary led the group in the flag salute.

Cindy Empting led the OHCE Creed. Betty Glasgow, Inspirational Leader gave the inspirational thought for the meeting and memorial to Bernadine Millemon of the Nardin chapter. Roll call was taken, the previous meeting minutes and treasurer’s report were accepted.

Committee reports were given by committee chairmen: Clothing, Marcina Overman; OHCE issues: Marcina Overman; Health, Safety and Nutrition, Teri Harris; Home Environment, Leslie Young; Building, Frances Bohannon; Kay County Free Fair, Diana Scott; Membership/PR, Cindy Empting. Cindy Empting, Membership Chairman, recognized new members Kelly Bergman, Joni Beam and Dena Purdy for Caring Hands and Hearts.

Years of service certificates and pins were presented; Kathy Fitch, 45 years Fun and Fundamental; Leslie Young, 40 years Creative Homemakers; Betty Glasgow, 20 years Fun and Fundamental; Christina Collins, 20 years Nardin; Rhonda Viveros, 5 years Happy Hearts and Homes and Dana Stahl, 5 years Happy Hearts and Homes. Members were recognized for Perfect Attendance; Aaron Krebbs, Gina Bowman, Joni Beam all with Caring Hands and Hearts; Glenda Wise, Leslie Young, Dena Purdy, Creative Homemakers; Betty Hasselbring, Happy Hearts and Homes; Melba Irwin, Karen Overman, Sue Roy and Marcina Overman, Kildare.

The annual Food Show was discussed and will be held April 22nd, 5:00 pm at Prairie Chapel United Methodist Church. Activities for OHCE week, May 2-8, 2021, were discussed. A delegate of members will attend the County Commissioners meeting on May 3rd for a declaration of OHCE week.

A tea party social will be held on Friday, May 7th at 6:30 pm at the Newkirk Senior and Community Center. The annual OHCE State Meeting was announced and will be held July 11-13, 2021 in Oklahoma City. Christina Collins, President led members in the Club Collect and the meeting was adjourned.