Blackwell teen donates stuffed bears for hospital kids

by Charles Gerian

Stillwater Medical Center - Blackwell received a gift straight from the heart when local teenager Kate Shepherd donated a box of stuffed bears for child patients of the facility.

“I had a lot of surgery done at the OU Children’s Hospital,” Shepherd said. “They gave me a stuffed bear, and it stuck with me ever since. Thanks to that kindness and how it made me feel, I wanted to do that for other kids. I wanted to really give them that warmth and joy of getting to snuggle with a soft gift.”

“Stillwater Medical Blackwell is beyond thankful for the donation,” Danen Everly, executive assistant medical staff coordinator, said. “The nurses and staff here always strive to be as accommodating and friendly as possible to all our patients, and to provide them with the best possible care and environment. With these bears, we will make sure every child feels safe and protected during their time with us.”

Shepherd donated the bears as part of her “Hugs for Hospitals” campaign, which also gives stuffed bears to other medical facilities. The campaign is an outgrowth of her business, the Dainty Slime Company, which provides scented slimes of various aromas and appearances that do not stick to clothing, carpet, blankets and other surfaces.

The slime Shepherd sells at craft shows and markets generates proceeds for the OK Kids Korral from the Toby Keith Foundation. For more information about the Dainty Slime Company, check out its Facebook group.