Braman's 'KISS' Casino is underway once more

by Charles Gerian

Making waves last week, Kaw Nation officials confirmed that the Rock & Brews Casino Resort from Kaw Gaming, Inc. has found financial backing thanks to a loan from Western Alliance Bank.

The multi-million-dollar project at SouthWind Casino in Braman was announced in 2017 with a lavish unveiling that drew Rock & Brews founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to Braman, where then-members of the Blackwell City Council and the Kaw Nation met the musicians and discussed plans for the resort.

In a news release, Tribal Chairwoman Lynn Williams said:

“The successful completion of this financing plan offers significant benefits to Kaw Nation and KGI in its pursuit to launch its new Rock & Brews Casino. We are exceedingly proud to be part of the Tribe’s continued success. This is wonderful for Kaw Nation. I am so proud of all the work put together by the KGI Board members and associates, as well as the combined effort of the Tribal Council.”

The deal with Western Alliance was initiated in 2019, but development was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, officials said.

Braman’s SouthWind Casino, which is near the interchange of Interstate 35 and Highway 177, is already under construction.

“It’s very rewarding to see the casino’s success and continued growth,” Property Operations Manager Tammy Cassiday said in the release. “Our employees are very excited by the opportunity to be part of our new Rock & Brews Casino, which will offer a new and improved gaming floor, offtrack betting area and Rock & Brews restaurant.”

Kaw Nation operates three SouthWind Casino locations, and it expects to add more than 70 jobs to the area with the Rock & Brews Casino Resort. Rock & Brews, the brainchild of legendary KISS members Stanley and Simmons, will offer “concert, branding, and restaurant experiences.”

The company’s website says the brand “is redefining the family restaurant culture and is poised for worldwide expansion.”