How about the weather? Use the downpours and sun to grow in faith.

by Mike Dvorak

Hello Everyone, Like the entire year so far, our weather has been somewhat different. The rain has come in excess for some, and hasn’t showed up for others. The temperatures have been cooler than normal which is limiting the growth of the grass in many yards.

One good thing is the hail has been minimal and the tornadoes haven’t been around.

The big question is “what is normal”? What should we expect, or can we expect anything? What if anything, can we do or should we do to make the best of this weather and our current environment?

Farmers in particular must decide whether to plant beans or corn or milo. Will there be any wheat to harvest? What about fertilizer? The questions are almost limitless. Such are the questions of life. We must all face reality and know that dealing with life is not always easy, fun, or rewarding. There are always questions that must be answered and decisions made.

Regardless if your single or have a large family, you are responsible for someone, even if it is just yourself. So now the question is what can you do, what should you do to get the best results from your life and the lives of those you you touch? People have basic needs. We all need food and water. Everyone needs some type of companionship or friendship (whether they believe it or not).

How these needs are met may vary, but the needs are there. How can those needs be fulfilled? I am watching a family of geese in the yard. There is a male and female, and four young goslings. It is interesting to watch how the goose family functions.

The male watches over the others, with his head high and ever attentive to danger. The female and the goslings keep their heads down, looking for worms and tender grass to eat. If the male is disturbed by the surroundings the whole family runs to the edge of the pond seeking the safety of the water. Have you ever seen a family of geese swim? Believe it or not,, they have a system.

The male takes the lead and swims away with the whole family following. Right behind him are the four goslings and then the female trailing behind. It is an orchestrated operation with the sole purpose of keeping the goslings safe. The goslings are like human children, they grow up, learning how to make their own way, and eventually they spread their wings and fly. Our life is a little more difficult than that of a goose.

Putting the basics aside, what separates humans from the animals is our spirit and the relationship we have with God. Many people refuse to acknowledge that God is alive. They won’t accept the fact that he sent Jesus, his son, into this world to provide for a way to have eternal life with him. Because of their failure to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they have never met the Holy Spirit. Some will say they don’t need God or Jesus.

They think the Holy Spirit is just a fantasy that isn’t real. How can we as Christians help non-believers see the truth? There are any ways we can proceed. We need to plant the seeds of faith. A giant oak tree didn’t just appear, it started as a seed. So must the faith of a person whether your a young child or an adult. Faith begins with a seed. What is that seed? It is many things like telling people of the Good New of Jesus.

It is acting the part of a believer and showing people who we are. It is sharing words of faith, hope, mercy, and grace. It is being a living example of what being a Christian means.

We must tell the story to all. God loves us and cares for us, his children. It doesn’t mean everything in our lives will be perfect or easy, but it does mean that our Lord Jesus Christ is with us through the Holy Spirit. It means He will be with us through the activities of our life if we seek his will and ask him for guidance.

It means we will be with Him in Heaven for an eternity. Life is full of choices and options. Whether your dealing with rain or sunshine, drought or floods, I hope that you will grow in faith and that you are blessed by our great God. Please choose to brave and spread the good news.

You will be blessed and so will others. Peace and Grace to all.