Inside Blackwell's state-of-the-art new hospital...and when it'll be done

by Charles Gerian

Stillwater Medical Blackwell is entering a new age as they prepare to say goodbye to their old facilities and emerge as a completely revamped and streamlined facility for state-of-the-art healthcare.

The multi-million dollar project which has been in the process since 2019 is completing phase 1 after a year of dedicated work from McCown-Gordon which began with a groundbreaking in March of 2020.

Monday, June 14, will see the hospital’s temporary main entrance moved to the south-west side of the building just off the parking lot on 13th Street.

Stillwater Medical’s Regional CEO Steven Taylor and Executive Assistant Medical Staff Coordinator Danen Everly walked through the sprawling, modern, facility last month to show off the new site.

“The flow of healthcare is important here,” said Taylor, noting that the new hospital offered a seamless experience for healthcare providers and patients, with testing, clinics, and more being offered in the same area on the hospital’s first floor being built onto the recently renovated emergency wing.

The third floor will be for administration, which is where offices will be located. The second floor features the physical therapy department and Nuclear Medicine.The first floor will feature Registration, Emergency Room, Laboratory, and CT/X-Ray machines (Radiology) along with completely reimagined Inpatient rooms.

When asked if the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the new additions to the facility, Taylor and Everly both showcased the patient rooms which can be converted to airborne isolation rooms and easily quarantined, allowing for containment of any infectious diseases that patients might carry.

The hospital also features a completely revamped physical therapy center, overlooking the south side of the facility.

“This is a one-stop shop,” Everly added.

The remodeled 3 story portion will feature Clinic space on the first floor, PT on second and Admin on 3rd) Stillwater Medical Center- Blackwell will be north facing, with the E.R. center still located on the east side of the building.

The entire site is expected to be finished in Janaury-February of 2022, according to Everly, with the hospital expected to be moved completely out of the former facility in the coming months.

Manual demolition of the 4th floor is currently underway.