Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Dayle's column returns

by Dayle McGaha

Looking Back – Thinking Forward

Well, folks, I’m back! Many thanks to those kind readers who said they missed my column! I’ll try to do better!

It’s been a rough year or more for most of us, right? Our beloved country has had several pandemic melt downs for millions of our people, read on:

To top things off, we have witnessed one of the most troublesome political transitions in our history!!! Not to mention racial disparity and dealing with economic fears! The worry drains us of our energy and hope, and yes, even our emotions!

Hopefully, we have moved past the worst actions as a city, county, state and nation.

This may be a good time for us all to recheck our values list and blessings, granted, it may be hard to do but let us try our best.

We have learned some serious lesion. We still have a lot to do to see things back to normal again. We older Americans have got to remain patient and kind to all our fellow men and women. We must help in sharing our knowledge and experiences. I will expand on this topic in the coming weeks.

PROVERBS 4-20: My son, give attention to my words, incline your ear to my sayings.

DAYLE-VERB: Don’t hesitate to create a list of all the things you would like to accomplish.

POSITIVE POINT: Tell someone today that you appreciate their friendship and kindness.

NOTABLE QUOTE: “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it.”

(Charles Swindell)

PRESIDENTIAL POINT: “Confidence and adversity have given us confidence and experience” (Gerald R Ford)

CLOSING COMMENT: “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” (Walter Winchell)

PS. Happy belated Father’s Day – check on your pets in the hot weather!