Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Thanking Blackwell's first responders

by Dayle McGaha

“PLEASING PEOPLE” – We are going to Salute a fine bunch of young men, who just happen to be Blackwell’s firemen! Allstate isn’t the only group that is in good hands, so are we Blackwellites.

It was a joy for this “old timer” to watch the quick, efficient work of this great team. I think it is time for Blackwell to set one special day to recognize the importance of our firemen. Many times, they put themselves in danger to protect their community.

We could also do the same for our police department. Again, Thanks A Million all firemen! PROVERBS 8-8: “Listen for I will speak noble things and the opening of my lips will produce right things!”

D A Y L E - V E R B : Celebrate a fresh start, support a dream, help a friend with a chore, bring people together, lift a spirit, lend a hand and always be kind to one another!

M O R B I D - 1 9 / A K A , CCOVID-19: The last months of pandemic has taught us that our families mean more to us than we realized! Also, how very valuable our churches and ministers are too!

P R E S I D E N T I A L POINT: “Never sit on a fence! Get on one side or the other.” (Harry S Truman)

FUN FACT: If people like me didn’t know people like you, life would lose it’s meaning.

C L O S I N G COMMENTS: We continue to urge you all to be more aware of the folks less fortunate. Give them a call, visit them if possible, and by all means, keep them in your prayers