Blackwell takes in $296 thousand in sales tax

by Mike Monahan

The sales tax numbers are for the July report. Blackwell starts off its new fiscal year with a solid eight percent increase over their 2020 numbers for the same period. The city received $296,931 this year compared to $273,781 in 2020.

The sales use tax which has increased over the last 18 months because of the pandemic had another solid month with $38,429 received compared to $36,160 in 2020. The Kay County sales tax was also up a solid six percent having received $485,759 from the state this year compared to $456,138 in 2020.

The use tax was up eight percent collecting $74,122 compared to $68,563 in 2020. Ponca City continues to benefit from people shopping closer to home collecting $1,393,841 compared to $1,276,710 in 2020, a nine percent increase in tax revenues. The sales use tax in Ponca City was 14-percent up this month collecting $148,040 compared to $130,024 last year. Tonkawa was nine percent up for the month receiving $139,863 compared to $128,767 in July 2020.

The use was up 56-percent on this month’s report with Tonkawa receiving $23,860 compared to $15,312 in 2020. Kaw City while not generating the numbers the larger municipalities do received $11,124 this month compared to $6,023 in 2020, an increase of 85-percent. The use tax was also up 83-percent having received $3,771 compared to only $2,062 last year. Newkirk was essentially flat on their sales tax receipts with $37,256 this year compared to $36,584 in 2020.

The sales use tax numbers were off by 30 percent this month having received only $6,426 compared to $8,975 in 2020. Over in Grant County, the numbers are down compared to last year. Medford is off by 44-percent on their sales tax collections from a year ago, while their use tax was up only $689. Grant County coffers took a $25,000 hit this month and the use tax was $10,000 less than July 2020. Deer Creek was down on their numbers and Lamont was up slightly in their numbers for the month.

The July 2021 distribution of sales tax collections primarily represents local tax receipts from May business.

The monies reported this period to represent sales from May 16-31 and estimated sales from June 1-15. The disbursement of $180.3 million in sales tax collections returned to the cities and towns reflected an increase of $17.9 million from the $162.4 million distributed to the cities and towns in June last year. The use tax disbursement to cities and towns was $25.9 million. In county returns, the counties shared in a $29.2 million sales tax disbursement and a $5.1 million use tax disbursement.