Governor Stitt visits Ponca City, aims to make Oklahoma a "Top 10" State

by Jordan Green

Gov. Kevin Stitt visited Ponca City on Aug. 17 as part of a tour across the state.

“I am excited to bring my team to Ponca City because it is so important that Oklahomans in all areas of the state have the chance to interact with their leaders,” Stitt said.

“It is so beneficial for us to visit different communities and hear about issues that are important to the people we serve and for us to give an update on the things we are doing to make Oklahoma a Top Ten state.”

Stitt started the day by visiting the City Central building, where he met with community members during his Top Ten Traveling Cabinet Tour. He campaigned on making Oklahoma a “Top Ten” state in several quality-of-life metrics when he ran for governor in 2018.

Ponca City was his second stop on the tour. The first stop was Altus in July. Stitt and members of his cabinet toured Ponca City High School, where they posed for photos with students, met student-athletes and took a walk through the school district’s concert hall.

Stitt also spoke to members of the Ponca City High School football team, who presented him with an honorary jersey and a signed football.

“I spoke to them about staying on the right path and listening to their coaches and teachers and even got to fire off a couple lasers with their starting QB,” Stitt wrote in a Facebook post after the event. Pictures posted on social media showed Stitt viewing historical exhibits about Doug Blubaugh and Shelby Wilson, two Olympic wrestling champions from Ponca City who competed during the 1960 Olympics in Rome. Both won gold medals. Stitt also visited the Marland Mansion and toured the Phillips 66 refinery, one of the largest employers in the area.

“It’s amazing how much energy this refinery produces for our state and other states in the re-gion,” Stitt wrote. “They can produce a lifetime supply of gasoline for a person in just 11 minutes.” Also during the tour, Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell joined Sen. Bill Coleman for an on-air discussion on KLOR. Coleman, who represents Ponca City, owns the radio station.