Blackwell High is "falling apart". Please keep Maroon Pride alive.

by Michaeleen Paige

Dear BJT Editor,

I was a member of the first class of freshmen to attend Blackwell High School in 1979. Nearly 20 years later, I began my teaching career as an English teacher in the same classroom where I was a freshman English student. Now, after 21 years of teaching at Blackwell High School, I have witnessed firsthand the decline of our building. I have always felt at home at Blackwell High School. I have remained a proud Blackwell Maroon since moving here in 1972.

The design of our main high school building is of particular interest and pride for me. As I was completing my library media degree in 2008, I boasted to my advisor/instructor about the beautiful design of our library, our planters, and our building architecture. Since 2008, our beloved building has literally started falling apart.

Blackwell has the opportunity on November 9th to vote yes on the bond issue to keep the integrity of the unique and beautiful architecture of our main high school building (and the rest of the campus, too!) but also to bring our high school up to acceptable standards and safety.

Please vote YES on November 9th to update Blackwell High School campus and keep Maroon Pride alive!


Michaeleen Paige

Computers 2


Alternative Ed Co-director