Blackwell High's "bones are good". Our children's safety is not.

by Louise Rigdon

Dear Editor,

Looking back in the early sixties a new concept for a high school was voted on by the citizens of Blackwell. In 1962 the doors open to a very modern school to house tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders. Late being finished, we had to go to school on Saturdays for a while to make up for lost time.

On November 9 I hope the voter realizes that was 59 years ago we started there, and nothing has been done to that school since. Yes, it was built good and has good bones, but even a house needs repairs and after 59 years the school needs updated. Mr. Haskins’ has presented to many of us who has attended the tours of the school where I graduated in 1964 and easily see the difference the years has made on the building.

As he said “the bones of the building are solid”, it just needs updating. I am excited to know that the heat and air will be addressed and safety of our students, which is vital, is still our number one priority. No longer will wheelchair students have to be carried to the basement when storms are approaching. They can simply roll into the safe room.

PLEASE VOTE YES ON November 9TH for our school!

THANK YOU, Louise Rigdon