Thanking Blackwell's "Kind and caring" people

by Marlon Silcox

Dear Editor:

On behalf of Heather Barnett, my daughter, I would like to say THANKS to everyone for all your love and support that was shown while my grandson Levi Barnett was fighting for his life with COVID-19 at OU Children’s hospital.

A special thanks to the Blackwell football team players, Coaches Brent Parker, Marcus Odum and the Blackwell Sr. High School.

Try to understand how serious this stuff is people. Please get vaccinated. Your families depend on you!!

With so many kind and caring people that have been there for us throughout this difficult time, I’m PROUD to say I live in Blackwell.

Marlon Silcox, Levi’s Gpa

PS. Thanks again everyone and May God Bless You!