City of Blackwell hosting food drive

by Charles Gerian

The City of Blackwell is accepting donations for a food drive.

City officials will take in non-perishable food donations until Sunday, Nov. 21. Donations may be deposited at the Blackwell City Hall, 221 W. Blackwell Ave., or the Blackwell Police Department, 224 W. Blackwell Ave.

The food drive started Monday and ends Nov. 21. The following items are being accepted: canned soups and stews; peanut butter, walnut butter and other nut-based butters; bags or cans of dried beans and peas; barley and quinoa; bags of plain rice and pasta; whole-grain cereal; canned fruits and vegetables; rolled oats; unsalted seeds and nuts; shelf-stable milk and substitutes; low-sodium pasta sauce; unsweetened apple oil; olive and canola oil; dried fruits; honey; canned tuna and meat; popcorn kernels; infant formula; instant breakfast drinks; mayonnaise; 100% juice; baby food; and boxed potato dishes.