D's on Doolin has "Christmas Spirits" galore!

by Charles Gerian

Nothing says “Holiday Spirits” like, well, “spirits”.

Not the kind that visit old men in the dead of night to show them their past, present, and futures- no. The kind that come in bottles.

D’s Package Store on Doolin Avenue is bracing for a busy holiday season this year, and are asking that customers drink safely and responsibly while having their holiday fun.

“It’s always a busy time of the year for us,” Dayna Sheets, owner, said on Monday, “people are coming into town to visit friends and family, looking for something to maybe pour in their Christmas morning coffee or sip on for a holiday brunch.”

To that end, Sheets says Baileys is always a go-to holiday classic that pairs well with coffee and hot chocolate. Wines and champagnes, which D’s carries, are also a standard holiday drink of choice for those wanting to sit around and sip.

“Ciders are a big deal every year, and people love eggnog as well. There’s just holiday staples like that which never go out of style,” Sheets said with a smile. Of course, given the deceptively summer-like Christmas weather, Dayna joked that margaritas by the pool might be an option.

“Our airplane bottles make for great stocking stuffers and last-minute small gifts,” Sheets continued, scanning their full shelves, “and of course our gift sets are always a big seller. They come with things like flasks, glasses, coasters. We got plenty in stock, which is incredible given how hard to find some things are, still.”

Gift sets include a glass “rifle” bottle filled with tequila that comes with shot glasses, two sitting glass samurais full of whiskey, a “12 days of Christmas” whiskey sampler, and more. For those wanting to try more “local” flavor, D’s carries Oklahoma-made liquors including Leadslingers Whiskey and various beers from the region.

If customers are already planning their big New Years party, Sheets is eager to help them find whatever that perfect drink may be. D’s is open from 10 a.m. - 9p.m. every day except for Sunday. They will be closed Christmas Day and New Years Day