Mike's Musings: Finding God in conflict

by Mike Dvorak

Greeting Everyone,

   I was thinking about many different things today and the one common

theme was uncertainty. When you look around the world, uncertainty os

everywhere. The situation in Ukraine is cause for alarm. The cost of most

products used by American families is on the rise. gasoline and other fuel

is  getting more expensive. Where will it all end? When will things return

to normal? 

   Since the beginning of time, uncertainty has filled the lives of all

human beings. It seems that the only thing that is constant is the change

and uncertainty the people face. When you realize that most people don't

like change and they don't like dealing with the unknown, how has

mankind survived for all these years? When you realize that change is

constant, and has been for thousands of years, it almost seems miraculous

that the world still exists. 

   The good news is that there is hope in the world. Our Heavenly Father

is a constant. In the world. Two thousand years ago, people were also

concerned about things going on around them. They were wondering what was

going to happen because Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. How could

life continue?

   They found comfort in their faith and in the words of the

Bible. In Hebrews 13, verse 6, Jesus was quoted as saying "I will never

leave you or forsake you." Also in verse 8 we are reminded that Jesus

Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. That is good news.

Those words fill us with hope.

   At this point you might be saying "I am not a Christian. I have never

accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, so what about me?" Well, there is

more good news. Jesus still loves and wants you to accept him as your Lord

and Savior. It is so easy. Even children can and do accept Jesus as their

Savior. All a person has to do is pray for the forgiveness of your sins

and ask

Jesus to be your guide, to be your Lord and Savior. The hardest part is

setting aside your pride and admit that you are sinner. You have to admit

that you don't have everything figured out in this world. You need to

realize that there is more to follow this life and that you want Jesus

Christ to accept you into his kingdom. 

   In a world that is full of unknowns, why not choose the one thing that

is a sure thing? Why not become a follower of Christ and let Him guide you

through the uncertainties of everyday life? Why not take the path that

will lead  you to an eternity of happiness? Jesus is waiting for everyone to

accept the life he has to offer. Don't delay. Accept the mercy and

forgiveness he is offering. Be blessed. Amen.