Blackwell Sales Tax Revenue up from 2021

by Mike Monahan

The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) has announced sales tax revenues for the period of February 16-28 and March 1-15.

The state distributed $179.1 million to the cities and towns in sales tax which was up $34.7 million from the $144.4 million distributed in 2021 for during the same time period.

The OTC also distributed $27.7 million in sales use tax to the cities. The 77 counties in the state shared $30.3 million in sales tax revenues and $5.4million in sales use tax. Locally, Blackwell had a solid month receiving $286,050 in April compared to $238,125 in 2021, which was a 20-percent increase for the same reporting period.

The sales use tax has settled down a little as more stores reopen, but Blackwell still received $37,537 compared to $29,900 in 2021, which is a 25-percent increase. The Kay County government received $494,341 in April compared to $407,832 an increase of 21-percent comparing the same sales period.

In sales use tax, the county received $69,700 which was down seven percent from last year’s revenues of $74,880. Ponca City received $1.5 million in sales tax revenues in April compared to $1.19 million in 2021, which was 19-percent up in a year. The sales use tax took a big hit with only $145,114 being collected compared to $190,489 last year, an almost 24-percent decrease.

Kaw City showed a 90-percent increase on the report having received $8,180 in sales tax revenues compared to $4,285 in 2021. The sales use tax was also up slightly with $1,841 being collected compared to $1,561 in 2021. Newkirk was essentially flat in sales tax revenues last month with $38,193 against $37,473 in 2021.

The town’s sales use tax was up 8.6 percent collecting $5,885 compared to $5,417 in 2021. Braman received $16,022 in sales tax last month, which was a 313-percent increase over 2021 when the town only received $5,112.

The town was also up 79-percent in sales tax with $1,808 compared to $1,008 in 2021. Tonkawa received $151,604 in sales tax revenues, up from $138,075 in 2021, a ten percent increase.

The sales use tax numbers were down six percent at $17,001 compared to $18,056 in 2021. Over in Grant County, Medford received $41,847 compared to $28,184 in 2021, a 48-percent increase. The sales use tax in town was also up 52-percent with $10,077 compared to $6,614 in 2021.

Deer Creek received $1,259 which was up 255-percent compared to the 2021 number of $493. The town did receive only $193 in sales use tax compared to $230 last year. Next door in Lamont, the town received $6,798 compared to $6,408 in 2021which was up six percent. Lamont also received $1,505 in sales use tax.

The Grant County government received $47,771 compared to $14,738 in 2021, an increase of 324-percent. The sales use tax was flat with only $15,257 received this year.