How Jerry Eubanks and wife allegedly walked away with $32,500

by Charles Gerian

Jerry Eubanks is facing three felony charges in Kay County District Court stemming from his time as Blackwell’s public works director and trust manager. Eubanks and his wife, Sherry, allegedly embezzled $32,500 stemming from the sale of equipment, purchased on behalf of the City of Blackwell, from Jerry’s sister-in-law.

Jerry and Sherry Eubanks’ charges include embezzlement of property, obtaining property by trick or deception, and conspiracy.

Sherry worked for the City of Blackwell Water Department.

The two turned themselves in on May 25 at the Kay County Detention Center after warrants had been issued for their arrest.

According to jail officials, the two bonded out at $1,500 each.

According to the affidavit from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Eubanks in April 2021 requested that the City of Blackwell prepare two purchase orders: one for a Lamar trailer for $4,500 and one for a Kohler generator for $24,000 as well as a transfer switch for $4,000.

Eubanks requested that the payment be made to the order of TCJ Oilfield Services, operated by Sharon Luttrell, Eubanks’ sister-in-law. Greg Sixkiller, the City of Blackwell’s Electric Department supervisor, claimed he was shown an invoice dated July 5, 2021, for the 150 KVA Kohler generator for $24,000 and the 600 Amp Transfer Switch for $4,000.

The invoice was signed by Sixkiller, but he claims the signature was not his, nor did his department ever receive the equipment in question.

Sharon Luttrell stated that, in August 2021, she was contacted by Sherry Eubanks, stating she and Jerry wanted to help with Luttrell’s financial issues. Sherry Eubanks allegedly stated she and Jerry had a generator but were not allowed to sell it to the City of Blackwell, and they needed to list Luttrell as the seller.

Sherry never mentioned the Lamar trailer or transfer switch. In return, Luttrell would receive part of the money from selling the generator. On August 22, 2021, Luttrell drove from Elmer, Oklahoma, to Blackwell and met with Sherry and Jerry in Jerry’s office at City Hall. Luttrell allegedly was handed a City of Blackwell check made payable to TCJ Oilfield Service, LLC.

Sherry allegedly told her that Jerry had cleared it with the City of Blackwell to cash the check at RCB Bank.

Luttrell handed the check to the teller and requested to cash it, but the teller stated the funds were not on hand to cash the check, according to the affidavit.

Jerry then allegedly told Luttrell to deposit the $32,500 check into her bank account and to refund Sherry and Jerry the money.

Luttrell allegedly received $5,500 of the $32,500, splitting it between her TCJ account and her personal account in Altus, Oklahoma.

She then allegedly wrote checks from the accounts: one to Sherry for $9,900, one to Jerry for $7,200, and another for $9,900.

Luttrell allegedly kept $5,500. Luttrell denied preparing or submitting TCJ OilfieldServices invoices for the purchases of the generator or trailer.

She also denied owning any of the equipment or purchasing it from Jerry and Sherry.

Blackwell Chief of PoliceDewayne Wood stated in the affidavit that he learned in March through Blackwell City Manager Jerry Wielandthat Eubanks had been arrested on a felony charge in Fairview, where a woman stated she had sold a Lamartrailer to Eubanks for $750. After checking the VIN on the trailer purchased from Fairview resident Sharla Worley and the VIN on the City of Blackwell’s invoice, it was found that the trailer sold to the City of Blackwell was Eubanks’ own personal trailer.

Wood was unable to locate the Kohler generator but did find both a used Generac generator and transfer switch at the City of Blackwell Water Department.

There were no records showing a purchase of a Generac generator or transfer switch.

The City of Blackwell released a statement shortly after Eubanks and his wife turned themselves in. “In early April 2022, TrustManager Jerry Wieland was made aware of an irregularity while reviewing past Blackwell Municipal Authority invoices,” the statement read.

“After requesting additional information to corroborate the irregularity, the City of Blackwell turned the information over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for further work. This is a testament to City Employees’ dedication to the citizens of Blackwell, and holding ourselves to the highest standards of public service.”

Earlier this month, TheBlackwell Journal-Tribune reported that Eubankspleaded “not guilty” to a felony fraud charge in Fairview during his time as city manager there.

After leaving Fairview, Eubanks was hired as the City of Blackwell’s public works director in spring 2021.

He resigned in December and was hired as Pawhuska’s city manager. In early May, according to a report from ThePawhuska Journal-Capital, the Pawhuska City Council decided against holding a proposed executive session regarding Eubanks’ employment.

Eubanks officially resigned from the City of Pawhuska Thursday night