Want to improve Main Street? Let's clean some windows.

by Gail A. Clonts

Dear Editor,

While I have an ongoing rant about code enforcement on my FB page, I’d like to offer a suggestion that is outside the scope of code enforcement.

A suggestion, one of those small steps, that I think can improve the looks of our downtown.

Just my opinion, some of the windows in the empty storefronts, especially in the 100 and 200 blocks of South Main, could use a good cleaning.

This seems like it should be a relatively inexpensive maintenance task that could be performed by the owners. Clean windows are a staple in improving the looks, and possibly the values of any property.

In about a month, Blackwell will be hosting the Kay County Fair, followed by our annual Homecoming with parage, a Veterans Day parade followed by the Christmas parade.

That’s a lot of visibility to our Main Street.

I think cleaning these windows would help make a more positive impression on those visiting our downtown.

Gail A Clonts Blackwell, OK