Blackwell Flycatchers offer fundraising opprotunities to local groups

by Charles Gerian

The Blackwell Flycatchers still have a few months until they’re hitting home-runs at Morgan Field, but local organizations looking for fundraising opportunities can start planning their 2023 events now.

The Pecos League Baseball Club announced last week that local groups can raise money by selling tickets to baseball games. First, an organization can pick any regular season home game (based on availability).

Next, organizations can get a link created with their event and a logo.

Then they can promote the link to sell their tickets and track sales in real-time.

Tickets will be delivered digitally.

Groups will earn $2 for every ticket sold, and their checks will be available the day after the game is played.

The Blackwell Flycatchers’ first home game is scheduled for June 23 against the Santa Fe Fuego. More information can be found at