Best "Summer Movies" from dancing dirty to mixing with the Mansons

by Charles Gerian

The summer is here and there’s just not enough films that give you that “summer feeling”, you know?

But, try as I might, I compiled a few:


Just as he was becoming a super-star with that year’s release of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, Timothee Chalamet starred in a coming-of-age neo-noir drama set in the summer of 1991 following a delinquent named Danny (Chalamet) as he is sent to Cape Cod to live with his aunt.

Upon arriving he is hazed by the locals, falls in love with the fast daughter of a mechanic, and ends up selling pot with the local bad boy to make a quick buck.

Of course, that all changes over the course of several dangerous and sexually charged summer nights…

I watched this on a whim one time and I was blown away by it completely. It will have you laughing and crying.

MAMMA MIA! (2008)

There’s one movie everyone remembers in the summer of 2008...and it’s not THE DARK KNIGHT.

This ABBA-based musical starred Meryl Streep who is planning a wedding in the Greek islands for her daughter played by Amanda Seyfried. Of course, this wedding turns into a blast from the past as the girl’s three possible fathers all show up.

Hilarious and heart-warming, MAMMA MIA spawned a sequel aptly subtitled HERE WE GO AGAIN with more ABBA tracks.

JAWS (1975)

This Spielberg classic is a summer staple: a massive and blood-thirsty shark terrorizes the Cape Cod shoreline over a 4th of July holiday as several prominent researchers and community members struggle to find out why- and what to do do.

You can “feel” the summer on this one, and despite it being a “horror” film it really is a very comfy watch, especially with an ice cold drink.


Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece takes place during the Summer of 1969 and follows a fading Hollywood star (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his best pal (Brad Pitt) who have an unforgettable night when they cross paths with none other than their next-door neighbor...the very pregnant Sharon Tate…

While lacking (for the most part) Tarantino’s over-the-top gore and violence, ‘HOLLYWOOD’ plays out like a fairytale come to life. A purely magical film in the truest of senses.

And hilarious, to boot.


The sex. The music. The movie that inspired a generation.

DIRTY DANCING starred Jennifer Grey as the shut-in daughter of wealthy socialites who opt to spend their summer in a seemingly sleepy retreat in the Catskills Mountains.

A chance encounter, however, sees Baby run-in with a dancer named Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) a man much older than she is which begins an affair neither will ever forget.

No one can forget the movie, but especially for that soundtrack.

What’s your favorite summer movie?