Letter to the Editor: Blackwell Schools failed The Miller Family.

by Daniel Hutton

Dear Editor,

It was a sad day in Blackwell to see the resignation of Becky Miller. It was also a sad day the week prior to see that the Superintendent of Schools contract was extended without resolution to coach Miller’s suspension from a complaint that originated 5 months ago. Most everyone in town who had seen the video of coach Miller stopping a possible confrontation between two of Blackwell’s finest wrestlers seemed to most of us, especially the wrestling community, that this should have been resolved without incident. Does not our superintendent understand how difficult it is to bring any individual or family to Blackwell? We don’t have a lot to offer for employment and to lose a family, any family, that has been established and contributed to our school systems and community just doesn’t make sense. This whole situation seems like a personal issue between the Superintendent and the Miller family that allowed this to happen, especially when you review the timing of events and how long this dragged out. My thoughts are mine alone and are not directed to school board members.
Daniel Hutton

Blackwell, OK