Fight breaks out at Blackwell Flycatchers game

by Charles Gerian

A Thursday night baseball game last week between the Blackwell Flycatchers and their visiting rivals The Alpine Cowboys caused three law enforcement agencies to be called to the scene after a fight broke out, stemming from a Flycatchers pitcher insulting a player on the other team.

Pecos League Commissioner Andrew Dunn provided the Journal-Tribune with the Umpire’s Report from the game:

It was the bottom of the third inning with the score tied 3-3. The bases were loaded and there were two outs.

Blackwell’s pitcher Eli Davis hits the ball in the left centerfield gap scoring two runners.

The Umpire Report described the following:

“On his way to first base Davis starts to mouth off to the Alpine pitcher. Not sure what all was said but f******* b**** was part of it.”

The report continued:

“Alpine bench player #36 Traylor confronted Davis at first base. The first base coach from Blackwell tried to separate the two. Alpine bench player #18, Greco, comes from behind the first coach and punches him in the face. Both benches clear Alpine Traylor just won’t let it go and comes back after Eli again after being led to the bench. From what I saw the rest was just posturing.”

The report stated that the visiting team had begun to bang chairs later on in the game after a rally.

In the video footage of the game, both teams swarm the field at the time when Davis antagonizes the Alpine player.

Following the event Blackwell Chief of Police Jay Brewer stated that “there was an altercation at the baseball field and it is being investigated. That is all we have on it.”

The following Friday morning, the Blackwell Flycatchers publicly announced that Jill Courtney was the team’s new “General Manager”.

When asked for comment, Courtney directed to the umpire’s report.

Steve Kelley, Sheriff for the Kay County Sheriff’s Office stated that

“At 8:09 pm we received a call for assistance from the Blackwell Police Dept. in reference a fight in progress at Morgan Field. By the time 2 Kay County Sheriff Deputies arrived, the 2 teams and everyone involved were separated and the situation was calm. We stayed on scene till the matter was resolved by the Blackwell Officer and the 2 teams.”

Two Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officers were also on scene.