Blackwell Public Schools detail tribal regalia policy for graduation

by Charles Gerian

The Blackwell Board of Education met Monday night to hire three new positions and reveal their policy for tribal regalia to be worn at graduation by students of Indigenous culture and heritage.

The board determined that students may wear tribal regalia during graduation ceremonies. This includes traditional garments, jewelry, other adornments such as an eagle feather, plume, braided cap, a stole, or similar objects of culture and significance worn by members of a federally recognized Native American tribe or the tribe of another country.

This does not include firearms or weapons or any objects prohibited by federal law, except in compliance with an appropriate federal permit.

The board hired Angela Botkin and Rebecca Reeves as the new Blackwell Elementary School Special Education Paraprofessionals.

Nick Maples was hired as the Blackwell High School and Blackwell Middle School’s Choir Accompanist.

Principal and superintendent reports were kept brief, with updates on the fall semester activities so far as well as anticipation for October’s Homecoming events.