Blackwell Elementary hosts Kanza for Native American Heritage Month

by Charles Gerian

Blackwell Elementary School welcomed the Kanza Human Development Division last week to celebrate Native American Heritage Month with a cultural demonstration featuring several Native American dances with context provided by Master of Ceremonies Leroy Enloe.

The Kanza stated that they were excited to share their culture with the students of Blackwell Elementary as well as recognizing their own students. Next year they plan to bring the demonstration to the Blackwell Middle School as well.

“With November being National Native American Heritage Month, we wanted to help recognize this in Blackwell Public Schools,” said Blackwell Superintendent Shawn Haskins.

“We weren't able to have the entire district participate in the Pow Wow so we decided that the elementary school would participate this year and the secondary schools will participate next year.”

He continued:

“It's important that our students know the culture and history of this land before it was called Oklahoma. The drumming, singing, dancing and costumes were spectacular. The students of BES were very fortunate to have been able to participate in the celebration today, something they will never forget.”

Head singer during the demonstration was Robert Collins with Bruce Collins and Jordan Jones.

Dancers were Jingle Dancer Katzy Buffalohead; Cloth Dancers Ki Murray, Maudie Jones, Bailey Ward, Makiah Brandt, and Emma and Anna Spotted Bear; Straight Dancers Seth Warren, Jim Hinga Warren, and Damien Littledeer; Gour Dancer Thomas Spotted Bear, Fancy Dancer Jackson Enloe; and Northern Traditional Dancer Kilen Taylor.

The Ponca Flag Song, Memorial Song, Victory Song, and Intertribal Song were all played during the demonstration.

The dancers then picked partners from BES to dance the two-step with them.