Blackwell schools to host world-renowned mental health speaker

by Charles Gerian

A world-renowned guest speaker will be coming to Blackwell High School to speak to students and the general public on mental health and battles with addiction thanks to two Blackwell educators and the Blackwell School Foundation.

Nathan Harmon, the founder and keynote speaker of Your Life Speaks will be coming to Blackwell on February 7 for two presentations in the newly renovated Blackwell High School auditorium, one at 9 a.m. for middle school and high school students and another engagement at 6 p.m. open to the public for free.

Lynne Field and Krista Smith wrote a grant through the Blackwell Public School Foundation for Harmon’s presentation.

“He's one of the top speakers for schools in the United States,” said Field, “he'll be speaking on navigating adversities, mental health, addiction, and bullying.”

Nathan Harmon is the founder and keynote speaker of the international organization Your Life

Speaks. He is widely recognized as one of the top school speakers in the nation from 2017-2023.

Nathan brings a unique perspective & determination having overcome many hardships &

adversities. Nathan transformed his life from the inside out and is dedicated to empowering

others so that they can do the same.

Nathan’s message of perseverance, character, attitude development, and application of “The Five'' leadership attributes is essential to the growth and success of young leaders today. Nathan desires to see every person recognize their potential and realize they are more than their current and difficult past, according to his site.

Harmon battled with alcohol and drug addiction as well as being incarcerated.

Nathan just celebrated his“14th” year of sobriety this July. Nathan's keynotes aid in building bridges through community, discussing your struggles, conversations matter and asking for help is the first step to breaking barriers surrounding mental health.

In 2019, Nathan was asked to be the leading voice in a raw and intimate global documentary called Connected the Dots. This heart-felt poignant documentary showcases stories of lived experiences of youth from a global perspective. Nathan has also been a guest on various radio, TV and social media outlets. He travels from coast to coast with his wife and three children.