Blackwell City Council approves annexation of 500 acres at special meeting

February 01, 2024

The Blackwell City Council held a special meeting last Thursday at 6 p.m. for the final approval on the annexation of over 500 acres of land to expand Blackwell’s limits and be used as a planned expansion of the Blackwell Industrial Park.

The meeting lasted just under an hour with City Manager Jerry Wieland explaining that very advanced talks were ongoing already with interested parties, but that the research conducted by the Blackwell Industrial Authority and Economic Development Authority (BIA/BEDA) showed that major industries are facing a land shortage and that by opening up such a substantial space it would position Blackwell as a major industrial hub being right off of I-35.

The City of Blackwell‘s first major step in the annexation took place in late December 2023 just before Christmas as City and BIA/BEDA representatives attended a meeting of the Commissioners of the Land Office at the Oklahoma State Capitol Building in the presence of Governor Kevin Stitt, Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, and State Auditor Cindy Byrd, who approved the annexation, leaving the decision up to city leaders following a public hearing.

The land is governed by the State Land Office to support common schools, colleges, and universities. The land is surrounded by Doolin Avenue, 13th Street, Adobe Road, and 29th Street.

The vote at the capitol was unanimous, motioned by Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell who was just in Blackwell in early December as a guest speaker for the “Boost Blackwell” Luncheon held at the Kay Room.

“This industrial park expansion project will allow us to market over 640 acres to attract new investment opportunities with higher wage jobs. I want to thank our City Manager, Jerry Weiland for all his support and collaboration on this project,” said Charlene Flannery in December.