Looking Back- Thinking Forward: Stay together during these times

by Dayle McGaha

Looking Back – Thinking Forward

ARE WE STAYING STEADY IN THESE TOUGH TIMES? Are we placing our hope and faith in the right place for the right reasons? Read on:

There have been lots of problems in all segments of our society! Many of my older friends have said the Covid-19 crisis is the worst worry they have witnessed in their lifetime. WWII was a close second worry and concern. A friend said, “This is a good time for us all to be most honorable with all our obligations, even in the smallest tasks!” With God’s help and a group of unified and dedicated leaders, we will have success in the future.

We are especially urging you to be checking on those that might not be financially secure, or on those with serious health problems. Emotional stress can cause serious stress!
In former articles, I have urged our local citizens to be encouragers, and I think we need to double up on this again.

“Let us not get tired of doing the right for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t get discouraged and give up.” (Galatians 6-9)

Here is my latest notable quote: “Friendship is the highest degree of perfection in society” (Michael Domantagne).

And, here is my “Dayle-verb.” “It takes two to tango, but just one to start the music.”

Continual thanks to the many “little heroes” who are working to keep us safe!