Kathleen Brown for Ward 3 in big night at City Council

by Charles Gerian

The Blackwell City Council met Thursday night for a brief but busy meeting where Blackwell’s fire and police departments were recognized, and local business owner Kathleen Brown was sworn in as Blackwell’s Ward 3 City Counselor.

The meeting began at 6 p.m. with the recognition of Blackwell Fire Department and EMS by City Manager Jerry Wieland as the Department of the Month.

“We’re very fortunate to have them, I had the privilege of seeing them save a life this week, and I wanted to say thank you. We sometimes look at you and go ‘thanks for doing your job’, but you know the trials and tribulations that come with that,” Wieland said, “the long hours on the road, the late nights, the emergency calls, and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you.”

Following Wieland’s honoring of the Fire & EMS, Blackwell Chief of Police Jay Brewer recognized Officer Kyle Waters.

Chief Jay Brewer awarded Officer Watters the award for his life-saving actions on a call in June of 2023 when Officer Watters jumped into action and performed CPR on an unresponsive person; noting that without Officer Watters's actions, that person may not have survived.

Following the recognitions were department reports.

Fire Chief Cory Hanebrink told the council that the fire department will be using the former Parkside School next to Riverside Park for an invitation-only structural collapse class, inviting 20 other first responders from 10 other rescue units to attend. Hanebrink noted that this will be the first time in close to a decade that any class of the sort will be held outside of the Oklahoma City / Tulsa area.

Blackwell Public Library Director of Operations Talyn Spence spoke to the council, informing them of the 1,100 books that were weeded from the system and put up for sale.

The council then proceeded to swear in Kathleen Brown for the Ward 3 seat of the Blackwell City Council.

Finally, Fire Chief Hanebrink approached the council again, receiving permission to lock in a price for a new ambulance in the near future that will be funded for through the EMS / Fire Tax.

This will see Blackwell’s ambulance fleet increase to three.